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With the introduction of Workplace Regulations 1992 it is every employer's and building owner's responsibility to ensure that the air introduced should be, as far as possible, free of any impurity that is likely to be offensive or cause ill health. Mechanical air systems should have effective filtration and be properly cleaned. (CP L24 Regulations 6.7).

The ventilation and / or air conditioning or other ducted system must be closely inspected for internal state of cleanliness. (CPI 24 Regulation 5.6).

When choosing a company to perform duct cleaning for you, do not assume that all companies are equally knowledgable on the subject.

AA Chemical Cleaning's extensive experience leave you safe in the knowledge that we can provide an efficient service for you.

Please call us to put your mind at rest before choosing a company to perform this for you.

You will undoubtedly find that we have worked on a similar system to yours and that the procedures we use will be utilised to protect you, your pets and your home from contamination.

Regulations require ventilation systems to be thoroughly cleaned

Consequences of unprofessional cleaning are taken very seriously at AA Chemical Cleaning. We therefore have a quality management system in place. We also provide a certificate once the work is complete, based on results which can be repeated and audited.











The problems and delays to commissioning and hand over through systems not being cleaned or cleaned improperly are well known to us all.


Disinfection of new and refurbished potable water systems is carried out to either the consultant tender specification or to specification or to British Standard.

Specialist Cleaning

At A A Chemical Cleaning we already have over 400 satisfied clients, most of whom are blue chip companies.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety section covers the important information you need to know regarding the cleanliness of your water. Recent diseases are expanded upon to make sure you have the imformation you may need to act against it.

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